Representing and Counseling Government Officials, Candidates and Political Committees on All Aspects of the Electoral Process

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Ross D. Secler & Associates specializes in providing strategic consulting and advice on political and election law matters. We provide comprehensive representation including ballot access petition preparation and objections, campaign finance disclosures, election contests and recounts, campaign ethics, as well as strategic political consulting and government relations advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. Additionally, our services extend beyond the political arena to civil litigation and real estate matters. No matter how big or small, our team is prepared to provide a collaborative and thoughtful approach that provides individualized solutions to difficult issues. Many times, our clients face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The sooner we start working with you, the sooner we can help make can help prevent problems before they start.

Legal and Professional Business Services We Offer to Our Chicago Area Clients
Election Law Attorney Chicago
Election Law

Deciding to run for office is only the first step. Getting on the ballot requires gathering signatures, properly filing paperwork and…

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Political Law Attorney Chicago
Political Law

After being elected, policy decisions must be made within the existing legal framework. It does not matter how good an idea is…

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Campaign Finance Law Attorney Chicago
Campaign Finance Law

Every state, as well as the federal government, imposes rules about money in politics. These rules can be difficult to negotiate…

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Government Relations Lawyer Chicago
Government Relations

Drawing on a wealth of policy and advocacy knowledge and experience, we aim to provide and execute strategies to help…

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Strategic Political Consulting Chicago Lawyer
Strategic Political Consulting

We provide full-service strategic consulting for political campaigns from their outset through election day and beyond…

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Chicago Litigation Attorney

We are pleased to offer representation in a wide range of civil litigation matters in both state and federal court. Our clients…

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Client Testimonials
  • ​​I wholeheartedly trust and recommend Attorney Ross Secler for Chicago real estate. I am a Realtor and have done multiple deals with him. In the fast paced real estate world Ross takes the time with each client to make sure that their needs are met, they are comfortable and understand the attorney review process fully. In sometimes stressful situations he is level headed and respectful while being firm for his clients, which is a hard balance to find in an attorney. When I send clients to Ross I am relieved to know that he cares for my clients as much as I do and wants nothing but the best for them. On the Realtor side of things it is much appreciated that he keeps me in the loop throughout the process, meets deadlines, doesn’t let things slip through the cracks and still finds time to call and check in to make sure we are all on the same page. You’re the best Ross!

    Lindsey Richardson
    Dream Town Realty - Chicago, IL
  • “I contacted Ross after ballot access challenges were filed and, in a very short time, he was able to create a comprehensive plan to win. Against all of the odds, he won before the Electoral Board and in state court. Ross gave us the attention and time we needed and we are very grateful for his work.”

    Chicago, IL
  • “I cannot begin to thank Ross and Deborah more for their work with my campaign. Their diligence and personal attention to my case made sure that we beat the ballot access challenges brought against me. Their attention to detail allowed me to focus on the important issues in my district, instead of legal challenges. I should have come to Ross sooner! I will be seeking his advice before any future campaign.”

    Chicago, IL

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